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edit: also, there's no way this is a sysadmin asking the question.Unless there is pressing need to keep the data in one place, I suggest separating them. If you're good at the design/config/sql you'd be amazed what you can get out of one modern day ~K server.It will make moving the data between servers easier (if you want to split them over multiple database servers once load grows to the point of being an issue, for instance, or if a client wants to pay to take the app in-house), it can make backups and subsequent restores more convenient (dependant, or course, on the backup method(s) you use), and it reduces the risk of code bugs allowing clients (accidentally or through intentional hacking around) to see each others data. The cheap and dirty web-scaling route would be 1:1 customer:db.It really becomes less of a tech question and more of a business one.How many devs and admins do you have now, how talented are they, what do they already know, what kind of traffic do you expect in the very near term, what kind of revenue would it take to buy/lease 10x the hardware it takes for that, etc.

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