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It was also the clear statement of both campaigns in the referendum, and the position of the EU that you cannot stay in them without accepting all the other obligations of EU membership The UK would like a comprehensive free trade agreement and trade partnership and is proposing no new barriers to our trade after we have left She has also made clear – as she needs to do if we are to have a bargaining position – that no deal is better than a bad deal, and the UK will be ready to leave without a deal if necessary, though she strongly wants a deal.

I do not see how we can decide on a so called Transition period without knowing if there is something to transit to that both sides want.

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Doesn’t that mean that most molecular biology studies are prototype and try to find out how what is known fits into their study? Haven’t you heard of drugs being recalled, for example?

And as with everything scientific, the “evidence base” is not any infallible and unquestionable dogma!

The quest for betterment is a never-ending process that is constantly scrutinized rigorously and in the process ironing out the flaws, accepting newer evidence and discarding proven false or spurious evidence.

The March Council needs to be told we only accept transition if there is an Agreement and if it needs extra time to implement.

The government should say to the EU we are offering no new barriers to trade – what barriers do they wish to impose on their trade with us?

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