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William James was a mariner & lived in Zion Street & his sons were either mariners or shipbuilders. I wish you happy hunting in researching your family history.Having somehow got what seems to be a family name as a middle name i.e. 330) Peter - I have been researching ANCONA of 1840 for a long time now and am slowly piecing together her story. Hutchinson who was a builder seems to have been connected with her at some stage.I am in the process of accessing crew lists held at the MHA Canada, PRO London and Greenwich, London.I have yet to visit the Lloyds maritime collections held at the Guildhall at London, England.

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She is also listed in Marwood's North of England Directory of 1854. Re-built a pub for them in Silksworth Row in October 1876 - alterations to two houses (Nos 3 & 8 Holmside) for Messrs Vaux in 1882. Additions to 'Lamb Tavern' in Silksworth Row for C. Might have done other, but could not find - they were also the architects for the Museum (which still stands) majority of other buildings destroyed by Hiltler's mob or Council planners!! Ship's management also done by sons from Bridge Street. 23, 2017 - [email protected], your data is both helpful & welcomed. 349) I have just sent you a photo of the Wychwood's ship builder's brass plate that I recovered several years ago. 348) I've had a look on old newspapers, in 'findmypast' as they are indexed for everything, not just family names. Newcastle Chronicle 22 November 1862THE "GLADSTONE BRIDGE" AT SUNDERLANDThe River Wear Commissioners, we observe, have adopted the suggestion of Mr Nicholson, one of their body, as to the naming of the new swing bridge, constructed by Messrs Hawks, Crawshay and Co, and placed over the northern entrance to the dock. 339) I have a small Sunderland jug with the 5-line poem beginning: From rocks and sands, And barren lands etc. 338) I have found a relative at 21 Back Hopper Street in Sunderland in 1911 . He had moved there to take up an apprenticeship in the shipyards . In it was a charge of 1353.46 for damage to the bridge caused by the sloop Alice. 29, 2016 [email protected], so far I have not located any data about a vessel named Alice, owned by Mr. The Mercantile Navy List of 1880 lists 69 vessels named Alice. 21, 2016 [email protected]'s website reference is You and your colleagues, Mick, have taken on a worthy project indeed. I am sure that all who are interested in the history of shipbuilding in the U. The Charlotte Jane was built in 1848 by Pattersons of Bristol.Our acrchives of hot and tasty FTV Girls has thousands of images and first class movies for your enjoyment. You’re just a click away from instant access to all that FTV Girls has to offer. Have researched at Lloyds Register & obtained the ship's full history. This information is shown on the registry of passengers from Hamburg to Australia May 1882. It may very well be that similar cuttings re year 1844 would tell you who built the vessel.It is most likely that the launch of such a significant ship was recorded in the newspapers of the time. I started researching my family history & traced the James side to Sunderland. 1, 2016 [email protected] for your message, John.

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