Tips dating polish guy

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All in all, make sure you talk to him about religion to find out where he stands, whether you are catholic or not yourself.

Whilst it’s not necessarily a topic for a first date you will want to know about his beliefs before you get serious, which you would with anyone you date.

It’s my understanding that Polish women expect their men to bring them gifts, especially flowers.

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If you can work your magic and follow some of the little secret nuggets of information above then you will find that your first foray into Polish dating could build into a special relationship.Read on to find out more about Polish men and what to expect when dating them.Whilst the church has lost some of its grip on society at large, people are generally brought up with the catholic faith in Poland.However, it depends on how much money he is earning and it’s always polite to offer you pay your half yourself (unless he insisted you go to the most expensive restaurant in town).In Europe it’s much less common that men pick up the bill than what it is in America.

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