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You can check Rufus-Scheduler for scheduling syntax.

When receiving an email, Redmine uses the From address of the email to find the corresponding user.

That should stop cron sending mails on every execution of the command. For Windows as server pycron can be used to schedule a fetch task.

It can be necessary that you open the firewall on the machine for outgoing TCP connections to IMAP port 143.

Available IMAP options: host=HOST IMAP server host (default: port=PORT IMAP server port (default: 143) ssl=SSL Use SSL? (default: false) username=USERNAME IMAP account password=PASSWORD IMAP password folder=FOLDER IMAP folder to read (default: INBOX) move_on_success=MAILBOX move emails that were successfully received to MAILBOX instead of deleting them move_on_failure=MAILBOX move emails that were ignored to MAILBOX unknown_user=ACTION how to handle emails from an unknown user ACTION can be one of the following values: ignore: email is ignored (default) accept: accept as anonymous user create: create a user account no_permission_check=1 disable permission checking when receiving the email no_account_notice=1 disable new user account notification default_group=foo,bar adds created user to foo and bar groups project=PROJECT identifier of the target project project_from_subaddress=ADDR select project from subaddress of ADDR found in To, Cc, Bcc headers status=STATUS name of the target status tracker=TRACKER name of the target tracker category=CATEGORY name of the target category priority=PRIORITY name of the target priority assigned_to=ASSIGNEE assignee (username or group name) fixed_version=VERSION name of the target version private create new issues as private allow_override=ATTRS allow email content to set attributes values ATTRS is a comma separated list of attributes or 'all' to allow all attributes to be overridable # No project specified.

Emails MUST contain the 'Project' keyword: rake redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" \ host=bar [email protected]=xxx # Fixed project and default tracker specified, but emails can override # both tracker and priority attributes: rake redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" \ host=bar [email protected]=xxx ssl=1 \ project=foo \ tracker=bug \ allow_override=tracker,priority # Move successful emails to the 'read' mailbox and failed emails to # the 'failed' mailbox rake redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" \ host=bar [email protected]=xxx \ move_on_success=read move_on_failure=failed host=HOST POP3 server host (default: port=PORT POP3 server port (default: 110) username=USERNAME POP3 account password=PASSWORD POP3 password apop=1 use APOP authentication (default: false) delete_unprocessed=1 delete messages that could not be processed successfully from the server (default behaviour is to leave them on the server) unknown_user=ACTION how to handle emails from an unknown user where ACTION can be one of the following values: ignore: the email is ignored (default) accept: the sender is considered as an anonymous user and the email is accepted create: a user account is created for the sender (username/password are sent back to the user) and the email is accepted Permissions have to be consistent with the chosen option. if you choose 'create', the 'Non member' role must have the 'Add issues' permission so that an issue can be created by an unknown user via email.

To show our appreciation for the time and talents that our volunteers contribute, schools across the district recently celebrated volunteer appreciation week with special gifts and recognition programs.

In addition, the OCSD5 Board of Trustees recognized four individuals and one group as our 2018 District Volunteers of the Year at their Board meeting on May 8, 2018. The OCSD5 Board of Trustees honored the top ten percent of the graduating senior classes from Bethune-Bowman High School, North High School, Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, and the High School for Health Professions during their board meeting on April 24, 2018.

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Emails MUST contain the 'Project' keyword: --url secret # Fixed project and default tracker specified, but emails can override # both tracker and priority attributes: --url https://domain.foo/redmine --key secret \ --project foo \ --tracker bug \ --allow-override tracker,priority will fail (with "unknown user").If you choose 'accept', the 'Anonymous' role must have this permission.If you receive emails via the rake task, the unknown-user option has to be written as: If you do not want an "new account notification email" sent to every newly created user by rdm-mailhandler you must add the option "--no-account-notice". Now an example: Instead of using a cron to trigger the Rake task to retrieve incoming email, you can use Rufus Scheduler which will run the Rake task in the same process as Redmine.This can be done by inserting a line in the email body like this: Of course, user permissions are checked and this email would be ignored if the user who sent this email is not allowed to add issues to project foo.Make sure that the target project doesn't use required custom fields with no default value for its issues, otherwise the creation of the issue will fail.

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