Updating fedora 15 to 17 Free vedio sex chat

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One of the most notable improvements includes the arrival of DNF which replaces the aging Yum.

In my own experience DNF is faster and more memory efficient than Yum.

I always install the 'Clementine' music player which not only has a nicer interface, but also comes with more features.

Every operating system whether it be Mac OS X, Windows or Fedora needs some work to customize to serve its user.

It's extremely simple to add these repositories to your system; just open the RPM Fusion website.

There you will find links for different versions of Fedora.

With Fedora 22, 'yum' is on its way out and 'dnf' is replacing it, so we will be using 'dnf' instead of 'yum' to perform many tasks.

To install updates on your system run the following command: As it's widely known, many Linux distributions can't ship a variety of packages through official repositories due to licences and patents.

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