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Repositories are storage locations from where add-ons can be retrieved from.They allow the user to browse for more add-ons of all types, as well as allowing Kodi to check them for updates to add-ons, so they don't have to be manually installed.BCC101 Clock watchdog timeout Troubleshooting Event Viewer What's going on in your computer?The Add-on manager's purpose is to manage the various add-ons to the Kodi application.

By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device.

It can be browsed like any other section and the various installed/uninstalled, enabled/disabled add-ons.

In the Add-on manager you can also change the settings for auto update, notifications and search for installed add-ons by bringing up the slide in submenu (press left When an update to an add-on is available it will show up here.

Add-ons will then appear in their appropriate section (e.g.

skins in the appearance section of settings, movie scrapers in the options of scrapers when adding a new movie source) Install from zip file allows you to install add-ons or repositories which may not be available in the Kodi add-on repository.

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