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You don’t owe anyone anything, but there’s a certain way of treating people that is humane, and for no other reason but because, that’s the right thing to do.This means ghosting, ignoring someone after you’ve been intimate with the person, not being upfront and honest, lying, cheating – these are all ways of behaving that lack respect and human compassion, and it’s mean. Treat people like how you’d want a man to treat your mother, your sister, your best girlfriend… This goes for men and women – if you hurt someone’s heart and that wound isn’t healed, that person will inevitably hurt the other people that cross their path – it’s a dating domino affect.In a city like New York, where single, college educated women outnumber single college educated men by 39%, the dating economy breeds a hookup culture and a lower incentive for men to commit.The marriage rates for women is 13% in New York City versus 33% in a male abundant city like San Jose.Look, I’m not here to give a lesson on morality, but here’s the thing. And guess what, we do not create a better world when people are guarded, jaded, angry and hating the opposite sex.Seriously, if you want to do good in this world, start by how you handle people’s hearts.

But I think most of us want to be decent human beings, and maybe all this left swiping has affected the part of our brains responsible for good manners. It’s not about the chick du jour, it’s about your character.There’s a big difference between stating your boundaries and chopping a guy’s balls off – the latter approach is ineffective.When you vocalize your needs in a clear manner, you’ll be surprised at how much respect you gain.And the ones who don’t like your honesty and confidence in stating your boundaries, they’ll quickly get filtered out. Stop Giving Up Your Power When you don’t stand your ground, when you tolerate someone walking all over you, when you say yes when you mean no – you give up your power.When you accept less than what you deserve because you’re scared someone will reject you or not like you back, you hurt your self-esteem.

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