Validating user input in php obsessive compulsive dating

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For example, lets say a form displays a drop down box which asks a student to select their academic year, either Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.

This can be completed using either an if-else statement or a switch statement. Type Casting Type casting a variable is quick, easy, and effective at insuring the data being processed is exactly what it needs to be.

The allowed casts are: Regular Expression Regular expression can be complicated but it is very powerful tool to define which characters can exist within strings.Below is an example of how to validate an email address input with regular expression. Before you can protect yourself from unwanted data, injections, script crashes, and the like, you’d be smart to follow the next three steps to ensure that you understand the methods, data, and its applications.As a side note, filtering, validating, and escaping data are technically speaking three different things, but for simplicity sake, when I refer to validatation, I’m really refering to some or all of those aspects.Let’s take a look at how you might receive user controllable data: This is a pretty tricky subject, because if you’re too specific, you might miss a scenario where perfectly valid data is rejected, but if you’re too unrestrictive, you’ll get data that’s not useful.

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