Village dating

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You can check our Facebook game guides list for more Village Life guides written by Gamelytic.If you are looking for more advanced guide on how to excel in Village Life, check out our Best Village Life Facebook Player’s Guide.It should be noted that you can move child at age 11 into a house. This means that with more generations of your Village Life villagers.However, it may be later until the child demands the extra Village Life housing. Timing of a villager’s life: We will list out some basic time frame of villager’s actions in regard to date, marriage, and birth. When your villager gets to age 13, he or she will be able to choose their skills or professions. Mining – Working and mining the different stones and minerals.1 Skill = 25% less time 2 Skill = 50% less time 3 Skill = 75% time deduction. You can “specialize” or create specific type of workers for your needs.It should be noted that getting more villagers from weddings can push your village limit higher.

However, it will take a couple generations of mating for you to create that villager skill build.Age 13-17: Teen, you can decide your village’s come of age skill. We will discuss more about this aspect of game play in detail later on in this guide. Marriage: Commences after both player accepts the marriage proposal. Below are the different skills and what they do for you in the game: Foraging – Collect fruit from trees and bushes. There are two thoughts associated in creating the villager that you want in Village Life.Waiting for Baby: It may take 1~7 days or longer for the newly wed to want a baby. Making Baby: 24 hours to wait for baby confirmation. The first is that you can create villagers with different skill sets as “Jack of all trades”.If any of your neighbor has available single villager of opposite sex, you can request them to date.Once a request has been send and the receiving side accept. After the villagers in Village Life has dated for 24 hours, you can send out marriage proposal.

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