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Two years have passed since his suicide attempt and the present finds him in a much happier space.He is rumored to be planning marriage again, with his girlfriend Jahira Dar."AND SHE LOVES DOGS."Cesar proposed March 24 in Greece amid a romantic tour of Europe.The self-taught dog behaviorist, 46, can't believe he found Jahira.She worked as a stylist and wardrobe consultant before leaving her career to start working with her boyfriend.

Not much is known about her family background but we can tell you this, she belongs to the mixed ethnicity.The swirling rumours ranged from speculation about Cesar’s sexuality and orientation to one regarding an extra marital affair with another woman!Actually, 2010 was a bad year for Cesar, for the beginning of the year, in February, saw the tragic death of one of his favourite pets, one whom he often referred to as his mentor, ‘Daddy’, a huge red pit bull dog with a gentle nature. Cesar’s life turned for the worse, when in a sad domino effect, his wife of 16 years filed for divorce only one month after the passing away of his pet and when he was busy touring in Europe.If the name Jahira Dar rings a bell, then surely you're a true fan of Canine expert, Cesar Millan.Many of you know everything regarding the professional and personal life of Cesar, but not much about Jahira.

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