Who is elena from vampire diaries dating in real life

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Bella's life had always been a little strange; her flaky mother, her father in a cold weather area that she liked to avoid and a seemingly magical grandfather. Which was fine, seeing as Bella's nickname was Ceiling Cat.Emancipated from both her parents at age 16, when her landlord's nephews come to town, her life starts to get even stranger. It just hurt that he left her for some blonde bimbo with a bigger ass and a bigger rack. Not with fantasized shit, but with the things that she had noticed. "I'm a friend of Stefan's.""Okay, hi Lexi.""Aren't you going to invite me in? If you can't cross the threshold on your own, you're not coming in," Bella replied, crossing her arms over her chest. Oh, there were worst names she could have come up with, but that was the freedom of the internet, wasn't it? Bella liked talking to Trashpanda about random stuff that was not related to what Bella's life had become. Unfortunately, her friend wasn't online so Bella settled in in front of her computer and read Damon's book. " Caroline asked"Back to bed." the nurse ordered before she walked away but Caroline remained in the hallway, determined to find that smell, before her eyes landed on a blood pouch in a patient's room, in a trance Caroline walked toward the pouch and touched it before the nurse arrived "What are you doing in here?" the nurse asked With a start Caroline turned around discreetly hiding the pouch behind her back as she replied "I don't know.""You need to go back to bed." the nurse said before she led Caroline to her room and left Caroline sat down on her bed and took the blood pack from her pocket, looking at the blood pack intently, she started to slowly drink some before gagging in disgust, and throwing the pouch on the floor, as she coughed, and gagged before sighing after a moment she looked down at the pouch on the floor, climbed down from her bed and picked it up, before she greedily drunk the blood liking her fingers as she did, once she was done she looked around, as the sclera of her eyes turned red Next Morning Uzumaki Mansion, Master Bedroom A nude Rebekah sat up with a moan, as she arched her back while riding Naruto who was groping her ass, before she leaned down and the two shared a kiss, as Naruto caressed her back "You're amazing." Rebekah moaned"You're the one doing all the work." Naruto replied, as he sat up and took one of her nipples in his mouth"You're doing plenty." Rebekah moaned holding Naruto's head close to her body, as she continued to bounce on top of him, before Naruto kissed up to her neck, and sucked on it, as Rebekah started to grind against him, Naruto let his fangs drop and bit her, causing her to throw her head back and release a loud moan, as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to shake, before she vamped out, and bit into Naruto's neck causing him to groan into her neck, as he came with a grunt, before they kissed each other, as Naruto slapped her ass loudly Moments Later Naruto was getting ready, as Rebekah was in the restroom doing her hair, when his phone buzzed, picking it up he saw it was a text from Nora Gainesbourgh, Rebekah's adopted daughter 'Strix vampire here in New York looking for weapons to kill Rebekah, and the others.''Thanks for the heads up, keep me posted.' Naruto texted back, before he looked up to Rebekah who was slipping on her jacket, walking over Naruto grabbed her hand and kissed the tattooed kanji for Horsemen on the inside of her wrist before he asked "Ready? "And I am a free person, I can go wherever I want.""But you can't go in there, so come on, leave her alone," he countered playfully, putting an arm around her to steer her away. He's a miserable little thing after the whole Elena debacle."Ah yes, Elena. "She's our tenant, not a meal ticket.""Generally when you're collecting rent from someone it means that they're your meal ticket," Lexi countered."She lives rent free, now, come on. "And I totally confirmed that you are supernatural. Oh, Bella knew about the hateful relationship between the two, Damon had told her all about it, and decided that Bonnie could use the night off, so she intercepted him. " Bella said as she looped her arm through his and started to pull him away."Well, actually, I-""You can skip torturing Bonnie for one night, Damon," she replied gently, smiling up at him. I hope that's all they're doing and not…" Her eyes grew wide when she saw them kiss. Bella knew he was hurting bad, and it was likely that he was acting out around his friends and family because of this. I have exams starting soon.""Don't worry, I'll take care of that. You're still new at all of this and you're obviously still trying to make this part of life your own," he pointed at the folder. You're going away until it's safe or until you can protect yourself. I'll let you know when it's safe to come back.""And what if that takes too long and I miss my exams? "I think you're overreacting," she pushed the folder back. ""Fine, but if you get killed, it'll not be my fault! "While I would love to pay my respects, I don't think it's a good idea. But I'll send some flowers.""I told you, you should have taken me up on my offer for you to go to Disney.""I'm not running, Damon.""No, but you're hiding. Oh yeah."I think she has the hots for you, Damon," Lexi smirked as she looked at him. drink…""She's off limits," Damon reminded her, looking over his shoulder to wink at Bella before marching Lexi away from the guest house. The first book was mainly about vampires and witches, and by the time she'd read through it, she'd polished off all the lasagna Damon had made. "What the fuck," Bella muttered under her breath."Nice place you have," Lexi grinned as she looked up to Bella. "If it decides to work, yes," she replied, downing her glass of wine in one go. Bella had expected Stefan to be there, but she was surprised that Damon came with him and she watched him approach Bonnie Bennett. "She's my best friend and she's dancing with my ex boyfriend. I'm staying.""Disney.""I'll go to Disney when I've done my exams, how's that?

Bella felt guilty, but not that guilty, that she had written a character looking just like him in one of her original stories and she might have used some self-insertion to pair him up with her. The girl found out about Stefan and Damon being vampires and had demanded space; causing Stefan to feel all sorry for himself."Aw, but the girl looks like she's in for a party! You have to get dressed for a party," Damon looked over his shoulder again. "Fair warning though, I don't usually dance.""Then let's make this short then," Damon said as he took the lead. "Oh, she's dead."Damon laughed darkly and turned Bella around so she didn't have to watch her best friend kiss her ex boyfriend. O.o~In his quiet moments, Damon liked to sit on her front porch with her door wide open while she sat inside. At some point, he slipped her a folder and when she looked inside, she found plane tickets and hotel reservations in her name. ""You need to leave town for a while and both Stefan and I are too preoccupied to look out for you."Bella was confused. "They're tickets to Orlando, Florida, in case you're wondering. Just because they can't enter your home, doesn't mean they can't take you while you're wandering around in the forest or in town," he then let out a dark chuckle. ""Congratulations, you graduated high school with flying Aces! "I'm staying, I'll be more careful but I'm staying. "Bella grinned as she looked around the doorpost to face him. O.o~As it turned out, Bella didn't have anything to fear from the new, old vampires in town. ""Hell no, it's too dangerous for you but I brought you a book so you can read up on them. She wasn't sure about it, if the Lockwoods were supernatural, it could prove to be a disaster. Wouldn't they take to her like the foxes did in the forest? It's the same thing," he pointed out before running off. He made it sound as if she was enjoying herself, locking herself away like this." she said before she gave a bag full of plushies to Bonnie "I'm human. Otherwise, I'm going to go crazy.""Okay, I'm sorry, I'll focus.We have to make Caroline proud or she will kill us.She had long blonde hair and was about Bella's height. She had forgotten to pick up something on her grocery run because she was distracted. "Good night, Bella," he said with his back towards her. They'd been talking for a couple of weeks now and Bella hadn't learned Trashpanda's real name just yet.

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