Youtube video view count not updating

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Whether creators like it or not, the data suggests that consumers don't turn their phones to view video - a MOVR Mobile Overview Report from December 2014 found that smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time, and consume all types of content in this way.

It may not be ideal for content creation, in quality terms, but with the format being facilitated by more platforms, it's clear that there's significant demand. You Tube's also looking to expand its in-app messaging and sharing option, which it unveiled back in January, while they're also making You Tube TV available to more US regions, and creating more exclusive content for You Tube Red.

And that will also likely see further algorithm updates from Facebook to prioritize video content - if you've not considered video as part of your Facebook strategy as yet, it may be worth doing so.

But still, total views are often used as a success metric for video content - the only official stat You Tube's provided on this front is on their press page, which states: How relevant the actual views count is comes down to your own purposes and reporting, but that seems to be the only key stat not clarified - at least to some degree - by Wojcicki.First off, You Tube has provided an official number of monthly active users, something the platform has long avoided providing specifics on.As per You Tube's CEO Susan Wojcicki, who delivered the opening keynote at Vidcon, You Tube currently has 1.5 billion monthly logged in viewers, a huge amount, underlining why You Tube is still the key destination for online video - despite rising competition from Facebook. Recent growth has been fueled by new platforms launched by the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.These platforms have provided marketers and content creators with a variety of options to distribute and promote their videos, as well as engage with their audiences.

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