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When the US strikes Syria, opportunistic Israel will use an with the lives of US soldiers…it’s the Jews who hold the cards.

Congress will fold and the US military will dive headlong into WW3 whose carnage will be ‘good for the Jews’ but bad for everyone else.

bomber units to attack the US Navy ships stationed in the eastern Mediterranean poised to strike the Arab country.

But regardless of the repercussions for American lives and interests, the Jewish Lobby that pulls the strings of its puppets on Capitol Hill .

From the disturbing image of a drugs-addicted prostitute smoking a cigarette, to a haunting picture of a desperate mother standing alone amidst the devastation of the Japanese Tsunami - the World Press Photo contest offers a vivid reflection of the world we live in.

An exhibition of the winning entries, which went on show at the Southbank Centre in London today showcases the best in photojournalism from across the globe and features startling pictures from the world in 2011.

Yet, to this day, ‘evidence’ that Assad used gas on his ‘own people’ (even if he did it was on Jew SA-sponsored imported terrorists) is if the Syrian opposition was infiltrated by al Qaeda, Kerry responded that it was “basically incorrect” and that the opposition had “increasingly become more defined by its moderation.” Putin’s “ This was very unpleasant and surprising for me.

The picture, by Ton Koene, won 2nd prize in the Portraits Stories section.It shows Fatima al-Qaws cradling her son Zayed (18), who is suffering from the effects of tear gas after participating in an anti-government demonstration, in Sanaa, Yemen, in October last year 'Tsunami': Yasuyoshi Chiba won first prize in the People in the News Stories category for this moving work.Chieko Matsukawa is pictured holding up her daughter's graduation certificate, which she salvaged from the ruins of their home in Higashimatsushima.This year's top prize was awarded to Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda for his image of a mother cradling her son in her hands after he has been overcome by tear gas during an anti-government demonstration in Yemen.Tragic: This work by Brent Stirton won first prize in the Contemporary Issues Singles category.

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